Endymed – Advanced RF Technology

Experience the transformative power of Endymed’s 3Deep radio frequency technology, reaching unprecedented depths for exceptional skin tightening and lifting results. With its specialised handpiece for delicate areas like the eyes, witness the reduction of fine lines and sagging skin, offering a rejuvenated appearance. Opt for a tailored treatment plan and enjoy the benefits of collagen renewal.

Endymed uses 3Deep radio frequency meaning it goes three times deeper than any other radio frequency machine on the market. It is extremely strong and the results are amazing. After treatment at Skinsation Clinic your skin may feel warm but you will have no down time. Redness will go down very quickly. It works deep into the skin to tighten and lift sagging lax skin, fine lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and décolletage.

Endymed delivers controlled, focused RF – (radiofrequency) energy deep into the skin, without any pain or risk, reactivating the skins’ natural collagen production. By focusing RF energy deep within the dermis, this stimulates collagen renewal without overheating the epidermis.

While Endymed provides excellent skin tightening, our HydraFacial Treatments offer a hydrating alternative. We also recommend adding a Dermalux L.E.D treatment to enhance results by giving more energy to the cells to produce collagen at a higher rate.

Endymed has a special hand piece for the eye area that reduces fine lines and tightens any saggy or crepey skin, it can be added to many treatments, a very popular treatment.

For best results we recommend a course of 6 treatments with a maintenance top-up every 6 months thereafter.

After treatment your skin will feel warm, and you may go a little red, but this quickly returns to normal.

Course: 6 Treatments—4 x weekly, 2 fortnightly
Maintenance: 4–6 months

Eyes or Brow Lift


€320 Course of 4
€450 Course of 6

Eyebrow & Eye Lift


€400 Course of 4
€550 Course of 6

Cheeks or Neck


€400 Course of 4
€550 Course of 6

Cheeks, Neck & Jowl


€700 Course of 4
€900 Course of 6

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