LED Dermalux – Glow From Within

Elevate your skincare routine with Dermalux MD’s advanced light therapy, addressing inflammation, acne, and ageing concerns. Reveal a radiant complexion as your skin absorbs the renewing power of red, calming blue, and rejuvenating near infrared light. Experience the transformation and embrace your glowing, revitalised skin.

We use MD Dermalux at Skinsation as it has a stronger energy output for advanced results. A non-invasive light energy treatment with huge benefits on inflammation, rosacea, acne, and anti-aging. When used post procedure it reduces downtime by 50%. A relaxing treatment with proven mood enhancing effects using clinically proven light energy. The only L.E.D on the market to combine all 3 lights together. We have invested heavily in this treatment having one in each room as the results are amazing and it boosts all our other treatments.

Red light – Is absorbed by the mitochondria to supercharge cells bringing renewal, collagen and elastin synthesis & increasing hydration levels. Energizing cells to function better and regenerate up to 200 times faster bringing fresh oxygen & nutrients to your skin.   

Blue light – Targets bacteria in the sebaceous glands targeting a natural photochemical reaction, improving redness, inflammation and calming the skin.

Near infrared – Targets the deepest cells for advanced rejuvenation, bringing increased oxygen nutrition, repairing and calming irritation and building strength in the skin.

Dermalux MD Main Treatment

30 MINUTES €50

Stand alone tailored LED treatment. Cleanse, Dermalux, serums and moisturizer SPF. 

Dermalux MD Customized Facial

60 MINUTES €100

The ultimate relaxing but results driven treatment suitable for all ages and skin types. Begins with hot towel cleanse, customized exfoliation, extractions then Dermlaux LED with hand and arm massage. 

Dermalux MD Add-On

20 MINUTES €25

We encourage you to combine your treatments with Dermalux to accelerate your results. 

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