DMK – Super Bright Cream

DMK Super Bright Cream is a breakthrough night cream that brightens and evens skin tone, tackling pigmentation without the harmful effects of hydroquinone. Ideal for hyperpigmentation, it’s tailored for dark, dull, or sun-damaged skin prone to uneven pigmentation.


DMK Super Bright Cream

**This is a restricted product due to its strength and purpose. In order to receive this product you must make a consultation with Skinsation Clinic
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A revolutionary advanced night crème with a blend of botanical ingredients which aim to brighten and skin and revise pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Creating a hydroquinone like effect inside the epidermas it provides the benefits of brightening, eliminating and inhibiting pigmentation without the possible harmful toxic side effects of hydroquinone. Suitable for hyper pigmentation, specifically formulated for dark, dull or sun damaged skin predisposed to pigmentation.

Apply to cleansed skin, use at night only every 3 days.



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