Reform Skincare – Anti Blemish Kit

The Anti-Blemish Kit features a Salicylic Acid cleanser, anti-blemish cream, and Repair & Renew gel to combat acne and clear congestion. Tailored for daily and overnight use, it targets breakouts with key ingredients like zinc and niacinamide, ensuring clear, refreshed skin.


Anti blemish kit for acne and blemish prone skin. Includes Salcylic Acid cleanser, anti blemish cream and Repair and renew gel.

2% Salcylic Acid Cleanser helps to unclogs pores and kill bacteria on the skin. Can be used daily morning and evening

Anti blemish cream is daily moisturiser containg salcylic acid, zine and nicinamde to help fight breakouts and congestion on the skin.

Repair and renew gel is a home peel which is Glycolic and Mandelic based to help fight congestion and bacteria on the skin. Can be used daily or as a treatment strtaing at 5 mins and working all the way up to overnight.


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