Sásta – Microbiome Booster Serum

Introducing Sásta Microbiome Booster: a daily serum for all skin types, targeting irregular pigmentation, inflammation, sensitivity, dehydration, and premature ageing. Formulated with prebiotic and postbiotic ingredients, it strengthens the skin’s barrier, supports pH balance, and defends against external aggressors.


Your essential, daily, topical supplement serum to protect, restore & maintain your skin’s biome

Who is it for?

All skin types, especially those experiencing the following:

  • Irregular Pigmentation

  • Inflammation

  • Sensitivity

  • Skin Dehydration

  • Premature Ageing

What does it do?

The lightweight, easily absorbed formulation includes a blend of prebiotic and postbiotic ingredients to optimise skin health by:

  • Protecting the skin through strengthening our skin’s defensive barrier

  • Restoring the skin by supporting the skin’s natural pH

  • Maintaining the skin by defending against attack by external agents

How to use?

Smooth 2-3 drops over fresh clean skin morning and evening. Follow with your preferred serums and moisturisers.


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