Keep It Simple – 5 Cores Of Skincare

Skincare is so important as I always say if you just invest in the treatments and not the skincare this affects the results. It’s like going to the gym and then eating at a mars bar! I like to keep it simple especially for the first few months while your skin gets used to active ingredients. 

The five core is the most important Cleanser, moisturiser, vitamin c, retinol, sun protection. Depending on concern the serums can be changed. Once you have these right your skin will thrive. Only when these are right should you invest in the add ons like eye cream, active cleanser, masks etc. We over complicate skincare so much but just focus on the 5 core products first this makes it a lot easier to tackle.

Now the next thing is go for cosmeceutical grade skincare as the delivery system is more advanced and goes deeper and the % is always better and quality of ingredients, so results come quicker than the products you can buy in your local supermarkets or shops.

Finally, be patient. Seeing the benefits of skincare penetration takes time. Beautiful results will not happen overnight, but they will happen with diligence and consistency.

In conclusion, skincare penetration is key for getting results and once all this is right just give it time, Patience is essential as it takes at least two skin cycles to see the results come through which is two months to glowing healthier happy skin.

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