What Is The Foundation Of Treatment Results?

Over years of consultations one of the top things I feel is overlooked in the industry is your skincare being right. This is the first step of your journey to healthier skin. You need to feed the skin the ingredients it needs to work on your skin concerns especially if inflammation is present as the treatments won’t work as well. Think of it like getting your diet right before going to the gym so your results come quicker.

Skincare ingredients have advanced over the years and it is hard for you to know the best ones for your skin concerns. This is where we help, as many products now have a few top ingredients that can address many of your skin concerns instead of just one this saves you money but also enhances your results. We pick the top products for your skin type and concern then write out your morning and evening routine.

Once you are on your skin journey at least a month depending on skin condition we then start the treatment plan as now your skin is healthier, more exfoliated and has less inflammation ect and the results come faster and you have the right skin tools to look after your skin after treatment.

This simple process is so overlooked, clients wanting to book in for strong treatments for their first visit without any consideration on the skincare side and how this affects the results. So always take the time to take care of your skin and make sure you are on the right routine before going to the next stage and make that consultation for your skin. 

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