DMK – Nite Firming Cream

Nite Firming Cream: a specialised cream crafted to combat and repair the visible signs of ageing. Tailored for mature skin, it targets wrinkles, sagging, and weakened capillaries, safeguarding the powerhouse of cells, the mitochondria, against degeneration.


DMK Nite Firming Cream

**This is a restricted product due to its strength and purpose. In order to receive this product you must make a consultation with Skinsation Clinic
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Nite Firming Cream is a specialized crème designed to repair and fight the signs of aging.

Suitable for a mature skin showing the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, loose saggy skin or weakened capillaries. It protects the mitochondrea ( the cells power house) to fight the cellular degeneration that causes aging. It restores structural integrity to stimulate collagen production and strengthen the capillaries.



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