The Importance Of Taking Off Your Cleanser Well!!

This is a step that is so overlooked and I have seen in the clinic the effect it can have on the results. This is why I brought out my own brand Skinsation Shammy as it ticked so many boxes that clients were finding hard with this step. Let me explain the different ways of taking your cleanser and the pros and cons of each to help you understand.

Let’s start with cotton pads. It’s very easy to think these are hygienic and easy but would you believe they are full of bleach which irritates the skin and also leaves behind debris, clogging pores, causing micro scratches and they certainly are not eco-friendly.

Microfiber cloths and sponges can be harsh on the skin barrier and full of bacteria if not washed after one use.

Sonic brushes are not suitable for sensitive kin with rosacea and acne. Excessive brushing can lead to skin imperfections, especially under the delicate eye area.

The skin cleansing shammy is for everyone; It’s amazing for Men, Women & it’s so gentle it can even be used on baby’s sensitive skin.

It’s so soft it won’t damage even the delicate skin around the eyes while also being strong enough to remove eye makeup thoroughly. Completely hypo-allergenic and reusable this hygienic face cloth dries hard to prevent germs and bacteria breeding, simply soak in warm water for your next use.

For Men the Skin Cleansing Shammy is perfect for use as a shaving cloth.

After using, rinse it out and it dries rigidly, preventing bacteria growth. Just pop in a 30° wash at the end of the week, it’s that easy to be good to both the environment & your skin!

The Skinsation Skin Cleansing Shammy provides the perfect alternative to wet wipes or cotton wool. Skincare Made Simple. It ticks all the boxes and is easier on your face and also you don’t have to wash it every time you use it. They retail in white and pink at €20 each or €15 with a cleaner.

Skinsation – The Skin Cleansing Shammy

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